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Start Date: 12-Dec-2012

Short description: Founded by 4 Geeks. It has a special state of Art on Software Develop specially for School & other Business Industries. The Expertise related with this are of vast exposure in the Business Industry

General Information: Creativity of Adytum Technologies is hard to define and still harder to pursue as a trade. Adytum Technologies, strongly believe a company is known by clients it serves & clients attached with a company when they are satisfied with the service of a company.
Your Idea and suggestions help us to constantly improve Our Product's features. Let us know how we can improve your experience..

Mission: Founded in 2012, Adytum Technologies' mission is to give people the power to work in less time and less hesitation. People use PROGATI, UTOPIA and other product to make them power User or a power employee in his/her area/organisation. Our Goal ends with the promise of leading in Quality Assurance Price performance, Marketing with after sales service backup, Long-Term commitment to the IT & IT Enabled Industry & Technologies to provide complete end to end solutions.

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Adytum Technologies
Bansbari Gosaighat, Malda
English Bazar, 732101
West Bengal, India

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